My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Here is LL, the Little Lady. Whenever I look at my garden, I ask myself, WWLLT? What would Little Lady think? What would she find interesting? I work with her in mind. April 19, we sat on one of the blue chairs. I am hoping that we will sit in the same blue chair again, in a few months, maybe mid July, and be walled in by blossoms. Maybe we will steep some camomile tea, and eat it with blackberries on toast. We might gather flowers, and perhaps a zucchini to bring to someone we love. I hope there will be a fountain with giggling water, and maybe a goldfish for us to look at.

Barbie Burr

Barbie Darwin Burr was born in La Jolla, California into a Navy family. Moving every year made gardening difficult, but not impossible for her father, a disciple of Scott and Helen Nearing and a man with a vast ability to imagine and create.

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