I planted a handful of poppy seeds atop the berm. This berm was built as a way to separate the Persephone Garden from the vegetable garden. In that capacity, it is very effective. The woodland doorway peeks over the left end of the railroad tie wall, so you can see how close the Persephone Garden is.

I like the room concept. I think it gives me more space. I haven’t figured out what to do with this berm. I love the fish swimming as a school. The garden has a mermaid theme, and the fish play nicely. I planted plum trees, but the fruits are small and sour. The blossoms are pretty but they smell a bit like cat pee. The branches are rangy with thorns. I think the plum trees may be going. Especially, if the poppies– in the top corner, rimmed with flagstone– take root and get shaded by the plums. So, this berm area is being reconsidered. This is how gardening is — invention and reinvention. Meanwhile, I am rooting for the poppies.

Barbie Burr

Barbie Darwin Burr was born in La Jolla, California into a Navy family. Moving every year made gardening difficult, but not impossible for her father, a disciple of Scott and Helen Nearing and a man with a vast ability to imagine and create.

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