Month: June 2019

Past Versions of the Veggie Garden

Here are the bones for the Veggie Garden. As previously written, this side yard was allowed to go wild by the previous owner for about twenty years, so it was dense with woody shrubs and scrub oak. Once the woody weeds were shredded to mulch, the remaining stump, rock and glacial till was pretty much

Throwback Thursday Look at the Arbor

How to we create the future? I look to the past. When this garden of mine nudges me to the next level, I think of old times and old constructions. Why I look at what I look at or feel motivated to change what I change is a matter of inspiration, and I go with

To Hope or to Have?

This may be the height of my art. Late Spring, and my dream to see Persephone by her portal to the Underworld, surrounded by fox glove, peony, false indigo, lady’s mantle, and iris in a greenery of many textures pleases me immensely. It is my installation art, trying to tell a story. Mint under foot,

The Grapevine, or How We Got Started

The story of this grapevine is actually the story of how the garden got started. Cool sea breezes blow through the shade of this grape arbor on hot sultry summer days, and it feels like heaven to sit there and watch tomatoes grow fat and red. Presently, the weeds around the arbor are winning. I

Looking Back

Here is an old photo of the Green Eyed Dragon. I built this long before Game of Thrones. I wanted a centerpiece for the Veggie Garden, which was six raised beds, each one in the shape of trapezoids, 12x4x2, a foot high, radiating out from the center, like flower petals. Somehow, I was inspired to